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ReStore is a volunteer organization with roots in Trondheim, started in February 2019 by NTNU students. At ReStore, we work towards upcycling goods, with the goal of creating a greener and more inclusive society. In May 2019, in collaboration with Sit Bolig, ReStore was set up in an old kindergarten in the Moholt student village and accepted its first donations from outgoing students. At the end of each semester, outgoing students discard tonnes of usable goods when they return home from exchange. Every January and August, new students arrive and need to buy new housewares- the same types that were thrown away only months before. This mismatch in timing between supply and demand perpetuates a cycle of waste. ReStore bridges this gap and facilitates the reuse of goods by storing donated goods for incoming students.

Our goals

ReStore is built on three core values: sustainability, friendliness, and inclusivity. We are committed to working together towards a greener future. Waste not, want not! By encouraging and facilitating the reuse of items students need, from furniture to bikes, we aim to reduce the need for purchasing new ones and thereby minimize emissions. This also helps to raise awareness about the potential for items to have multiple lifetimes, inspiring more people to donate unwanted items and opt for second-hand alternatives instead of buying new ones. What makes this possible is our teamwork. ReStore is like one big family of volunteers from different countries who join to make an impact. We work to keep a friendly and welcoming environment that inspires a sense of belonging and responsibility among everyone involved.

"Since there are many projects and social events, there are many ways for volunteers to get involved. "

- Philian

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